Africa 2

This is the second in a series of 3 pieces I've been tasked with writing that are meant to evoke, in a rather general sense, Africa. In this piece, I'm aiming for a more "epic" orchestral sound than the piece linked last time.

I imagine I'm certainly not the first to realize that this is a little tricky. On the one hand I want the balafon and other characteristic elements to stick out. On the other hand, it distorts whatever semblance of realism that can be achieved with samples when we hear a small balafon clear as day over a 50+piece (virtual) string section.

So, what do? 

In this case I feel like distorting reality is the best approach. I want the instruments to be in the same "space" but I don't necessarily feel that the balfon, kalimba and hand percussion need to be placed back with the orchestral percussion in order to make it sound "real." 

What do you think?