Work in Progress

I was asked to write a series of tracks that evoke place and help to set a scene. (In my head, I have nicknamed the project "Establishing Shots" as that's the sort of placement I picture for these tracks.) Here is a sketch of the first piece.

I am in no way aiming for authenticity here, but am instead hoping to simply suggest Africa. All instruments are samples, with the notable exception of me playing flute, which is hilarious. (Incidentally, I asked my friend, composer and woodsman (and expert fisherman) Jon DeLucia to record some winds for this piece and he graciously did so. His excellent work will be in the finished piece.)

Going forward with this project, and indeed all projects, I'd like to incorporate more live instruments. To that end I have started stocking my little studio with various toys and shakers and guitars and amps and ukuleles.

I have no idea how to play any of these...

As much as I love writing with samples and am consistently blown away by what has been accomplished in that realm I think it's time I get my hands a bit dirty.

That should do it. Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments or email me directly if you'd like.