Dwell Sketches

In keeping with the Dwell dev team's culture of transparency, I thought it might be interesting to share some of the musical sketches and ideas we're working on. 

After a lot of discussion and scouting different influences, we're beginning to zero in on a vibe that we like. Stylistically, this is somewhat new ground for me and it has been a lot of fun to experiment with different sounds and synths and instruments, and also to explore new ways of writing.  I've done my best to sort of synthesize all of the different influences and ideas into something that is stylistically our own, but of course there is room for improvement so feel free to leave any feedback you might have.

With that in mind, here's some music. Thanks for listening!

I've had a lot of fun on this project so far, and am lucky to work for a dev that encourages this sort of exploration and freedom. I'm currently working on some new tracks as well as refining these and other ideas. If there is any interest from the community, I'll definitely continue these posts as Dwell progresses. 

Africa 2

This is the second in a series of 3 pieces I've been tasked with writing that are meant to evoke, in a rather general sense, Africa. In this piece, I'm aiming for a more "epic" orchestral sound than the piece linked last time.

I imagine I'm certainly not the first to realize that this is a little tricky. On the one hand I want the balafon and other characteristic elements to stick out. On the other hand, it distorts whatever semblance of realism that can be achieved with samples when we hear a small balafon clear as day over a 50+piece (virtual) string section.

So, what do? 

In this case I feel like distorting reality is the best approach. I want the instruments to be in the same "space" but I don't necessarily feel that the balfon, kalimba and hand percussion need to be placed back with the orchestral percussion in order to make it sound "real." 

What do you think?

Bingley Bingley Beep!

Welcome to the (long overdue) website and blog of composer Patrick Egan. I have joined the 21st century. No time like the present, I guess.

I'm reluctant to make any promises re: keeping up with this blog, but I'd like to use this space to post works-in-progress as well as my super interesting observations about music, games, film and the world at large. Maybe travel photos? I don't know.

Stay tuned to find out!